The Ideal

This morning, I was sitting in the park (with appropriate social distancing: being the only one there) writing down opposites to clarify my thoughts on what I believed to be good and what our society needs to function and be sustainable.

I started out with the obvious ones but they all sounded like platitudes, despite the absolute need for what I believe to be virtues of a high functioning, sustainable society.

  • clarity over confusion
  • kindness over cruelty
  • integrity over pride
  • sharing over hoarding
  • freedom over bondage
  • empathy over pity
  • abundance over scarcity
  • experiences over things
  • vision over fear
  • forgiveness over revenge
  • calm over anger
  • sustainability over growth

Something was nagging my sub-conscious, scratching away until I could no longer ignore it.

Our universe operates on black & white, good & bad, on opposites if you will.

To understand good, we must also understand evil.

So after writing down lots of opposites, it struck me that what I really wanted was a vision.  A workable way forward.

I am consumed by the apparent evil in the world and the growing number of people who recognise it.  Some are able to overcome by looking within to their own power.  Others are being completely consumed.

How to break free.

How to go forward with a new paradigm that embraces a world of empathy, experiences, love and vision.

Our system is broken.

Democracy as we know it no longer exists, except for a few notable exceptions like New Zealand and Denmark

We can't go back, so let's go forward.


Since the industrial revolution about 150 years ago, our society has changed from a sustainable model to a model of growth driven by greed, domination and force.

The world population increased from 1 billion in 1800 to 7.7 billion today.

The world population growth rate declined from 2.2% per year 50 years ago to 1.05% per year.

Our world in Data - Population Growth


It would have cost $8.4bn to preserve the Brazillian rain forest, that supports the whole world.  And yet for that trivial amount (if shared by the richest nations on earth) we are now at tipping point for the end of the planet as we know it.

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