Introduction to Efficacy and Integrity in Government

Our political system needs some love and attention.

We are Developing ways to bring individuals together to speak out as a collective voice for fairness, transparency, efficiency and sustainability in all Government policies and activities.

 Philosophical Approach

Lead, Inspire, Enable, Protect, Reward, Share

What are we trying to do?

Offer a Single Point of Truth for people of all ages, views and backgrounds to find out about issues and policies that may impact on their life.

By leveraging the work and thought thousands of people who care, produce thoughtful analysis and/or people who provide alternatives to current thinking.

Providing a flow of communication with evidence based information to people regardless of their view.

The objective is to inform with evidence and let people make their own decisions.


This is a high-level anecdotal view of the mood and behaviours of the population 

  • People are disallusioned with current public figures who govern.
  • People are under pressure in their daily lives and are bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information.
  • People don't trust publicly elected officials.
  • People "believe" main stream media.
  • "main stream" media are subject to external pressures not to report certain information (example: pre-election reporting (or absence thereof, of critical information) 
  • Only some people read Indpendent Press.
  • People are after entertainment.
  • Everything is too hard, too confusing.  
  • Complacent and unaware.
  • Everything is great, all is good.
  • I am just one person, how can I make a difference.

We need leaders.

 What is the Problem we are solving?

  • Uneven flow of wealth throughout society.
  • A lack of empathy for the vulnerable, displaced and disenfranchised. 
  • Inadequate political representation within the current party structure. 
  • A political system that has been corrupted by ineptitude, greed, vested interests and immaturity.
  • Apathy, hopelessness, a sense of helplessness, disengagement and disenfranchised people who are unable or unwilling to engage in the process of pro-active interaction with elected government representatives.
  • Ways to inform and motivate individuals to create a collective voice of reason.

What are we going to do?

Engage people at their own level.

Enabling and motivating  individuals to speak out about the things that affect their lives, families, friends and neighbours.  Create a simple mechanism to amplify the collective voice by identifying major issues affecting our society.

Develop a straight line between policy and need.

Make it the social norm to Share Wealth.

Expect our politicians to be fully informed about what they are voting on.

Change the attitude toward governing and Government from a narrow top down "capitalist" structure to a more compassionate, practical and effecient process that affords well-being and opportunity for every Australian citizen, ally, friend and visitor. Change the narrow monopoly of media and biased incomplete (at best) reporting.

Ensure the flow of wealth runs through the economy and feeds every level of productivity,  fostering well being, promoting trust, compassion, collaboration, sharing and pride in a peaceful vibrant community.

Change our culture to have a much higher regard for compassion, generosity and efficiency over net worth.

The Process

  1. Create Meaningful and Fair Policy Strategies and Structures that address the issues of the flow of wealth, good governance, sustainability.

  2. Inspire individuals who share these values and bring them together in a powerful, collective voice that can change our culture.

  3. Support candidates who are committed to the implementation of these policies (regardless of Party).

  4. Find and Support Leaders who insipire unity, fellowship and compassion.

  5. Continue with Purpose - Iterative and ongoing feedback, refinement and assessment of needs and successes. 

  6. Encourage people to grow, learn, live and attain their goals.

Virtual Party Concept

 With more Independents standing and winning seats in Government, it is important that they are able to provide informed opinion and leadership across the range of issues affecting our economy.  The concept is embodied using an example policity structure that may look like: "12 Pillars" Policies for Fair, Efficient and Effective Government.

The idea is that Independent elected members can form fluid groups to support, amend, debate policies that are intended for legislation.  Using collective resources will enable a more diverse and relevant set of policies.  Independents can join / support / debate /create as many policy areas as they wish and use the collective resource to refine and take to the Parliament.

Candidates can also use these policies to support / debate / initiate as part of their election campaign without having to align themselves with any of the major parties.

Having a pulbished and debated set of policies from a diverse group of elected members of government will provide a more robust way of agreeing a legislative framework that reflects the needs of the electorate. 

  1. Living Wage for 18+ or UBI - Univesal Basic Income
  2. Community and Housing
  3. Education and Life Experience
  4. Health and Wellness
  5. Government Income - Taxation
  6. Immigration and Foreign Policy
  7. Defence and Infrastructure
  8. Natual Resources and Agriculture
  9. Governance, Law and Order
  10. Arts, Science, Innovation
  11. Electoral Integrity (Boundaries) and Organisation Ethics
  12. Working and Living


The flow of wealth.

  • Create a torodial flow of wealth that flows up and down.  Start at the bottom, heat up the economy so the wealth flows up with the economic spending driver, followed by the trickle down effect of more jobs, more effective wealth distribution and fairness.
  • Collect sufficient taxation to ensure all policies can be delivered in the spirit they are intended and so that the system is sustainable and robust.
  • Less complexity with more straightline relationships between policy and need. 

What Happens Now?


25 August 2019

25 August 2019

  • Police agencies unite for a worthy cause
    25 August 2019
    ... Star Gold Coast and is a tri-police agency initiative involving officers from the QPS, New South Wales Police Force and Australian Federal Police.

25 August 2019

25 August 2019

25 August 2019

Search results for the word 'icac' at
  • Ministerial Statements: Ministerial Standards (1 Aug 2019)
    25 August 2019
    Nick McKim:...of corruption against politicians and government ministers, here is a living, breathing argument-in fact, the strongest living, breathing argument I have seen for some time. We need an ICAC now, and we need it not only to root out corrupt behaviour by politicians but to try and restore even a small fraction of the loss of trust in the democratic institutions of our society, including...
  • Committees: Crown Casino Committee; Appointment (30 Jul 2019)
    25 August 2019
    Adam an arm of Crown Casino in pressuring the Department of Home Affairs to let wanted criminals and their associates into this country. The first way we will find that out is by having a federal ICAC-but we don't have one of those. The second way we can find that out, given that Labor and the Liberals seem intent on stopping an inquiry into it, is by the parliament setting up its own...
  • Private Members' Business: National Integrity Commission (29 Jul 2019)
    25 August 2019
    Julian Leeser:.... The experience of my state demonstrates that we need to approach this issue cautiously. The Independent Commission Against Corruption in New South Wales has, by any measure, a mixed history. Under ICAC's watch Eddie Obeid and Ian Macdonald were able to misuse their positions, as members of parliament and ministers of the Crown, to carry out numerous corrupt actions, and ultimately they...

25 August 2019

25 August 2019

    25 August 2019

    25 August 2019

    25 August 2019
    • Charted: The Companies Making the Most Money in 2019
      21 August 2019

      Big companies around the world are reaping the benefits of a strong global economy, with many raking in hundreds of billions of dollars. Every year, Fortune Magazine publishes a ranking of the world’s largest companies by revenue. Our new visualization presents the top 100 companies to make the cut in 2019, including where the companies are located and which industries they represent.

      • Combined, the world’s top 100 companies generated more than $15 trillion in revenue.
      • There are 17 countries represented in the top 100 companies. 
      • More than half of the world’s 100 most valuable companies are located in the U.S. (35 companies) or China (23 companies). 
      • The world’s 100 most valuable companies are spread across a variety of industries, with particularly strong representation in energy, motor vehicles, and financial services.

      The information for this visualization comes from the Fortune list of Global 500 companies, as ranked by revenue (see the full methodology here). We illustrated the top 100 of these companies in the chart above, with each octagon representing one company. Within each octagon, we included the company’s logo, its revenue, and the country where it is located. The size of each octagon in the visualization is proportional to the company’s revenue, with the larger shapes representing higher revenues. In addition, each company is outlined in a color that represents its industry sector, such as energy, food and retail, and technology.

      Top 10 Most Valuable Companies by Revenue

      1. Walmart - U.S. - $514 billion
      2. Sinopec Group - China - $415 billion
      3. Royal Dutch Shell - Netherlands - $397 billion
      4. China National Petroleum - China - $393 billion
      5. State Grid - China - $387 billion
      6. Saudi Aramco - Saudi Arabia - $356 billion
      7. BP - Britain - $304 billion
      8. Exxon Mobil - U.S. - $290 billion
      9. Volkswagen - Germany - $278 billion
      10. Toyota Motor - Japan - $273 billion

      According to Fortune, overall revenue for the Global 500 grew 9% compared to the year before. Decreases in national corporate taxes have been noted as a reason for higher revenues within U.S. companies, although the federal government is also bringing in less tax revenue as a result of the new tax policy. Earlier this year, analysts also predicted that even though U.S. companies were bringing in higher revenues, they could experience lower profit margins due to increases in cost for labor and raw materials. 

      In addition, tariffs are having an impact on companies in the U.S. and around the world. Some new international tariffs such as the French digital services tax will not only affect company profits, especially in Silicon Valley, but they will also affect revenue. Furthermore, some economists suggest that Trump’s “America First” policies are discouraging foreign companies from investing in their U.S. operations. Big companies will be keeping a close eye on these policy developments to see how they will affect their bottom lines.

      Did any of the companies on this list surprise you? Please let us know what you think in the comments.

      Data: Table 1.1

    • Ranking the Most Valuable Sports Teams in 2019: Is Your Team In?
      20 August 2019

      We already know that professional sports is a major global industry, but not all sports franchises are equal. From the Dallas Cowboys to the New Orleans Saints, we put together a graphic to rank the top 50 most valuable sports teams around the world.

      • Traditional sports have large, dedicated fanbases, but eSports are on the rise. The forthcoming Fortnite Championship, for example, will have $10 million prize pool.
      • Though Football isn’t an international sport, Football franchises account for three of the top 10 most valuable sports teams in the world.
      • Pay gap issues continue to plague the sports industry and have come under additional scrutiny following the United States Women’s National Team World Cup win.
      • Several NBA teams have increased in value since last year. NBA franchises now take up nine spots in the list of top 50 most valuable sports franchises.

      Every year, Forbes reveals its list of the world’s most valuable sports teams. We used this data to create an easy-to-read graphic demonstrating the world’s largest franchises.

      Our graphic not only ranks the most valuable global sports teams, but also shows us the most valuable teams in each of the world’s major sports leagues, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, LaLiga, Premier League, and more.

      Most Valuable Sports Teams in the World:

      1. Dallas Cowboys: $5 billion
      2. New York Yankees: $4.6 billion
      3. Real Madrid: $4.24 billion
      4. Barcelona: $4.02 billion
      5. New York Knicks: $4 billion
      6. Manchester United: $3.81 billion
      7. New England Patriots: $3.8 billion
      8. Los Angeles Lakers: $3.7 billion
      9. Golden State Warriors: $3.5 billion
      10. Los Angeles Dodgers: $3.3 billion

      Despite not having won a championship in decades and not being a part of an international sports league, the Dallas Cowboys remain the world’s most valuable sports franchise at an astounding $5 billion.

      But it’s not just the Cowboys. The NFL is the world’s most dominant league when it comes to the value of its franchises. More than half of the top 50 most valuable sports teams are football teams.

      Aside from the NFL, the top 50 is made up mostly of the teams you would expect to see there, including major franchises like the New York Yankees, New York Knicks, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and more.

      While traditional sports teams continue to dominate the sports industry, eSports is quickly rising in value and popularity. The Fortnite Championship Series, for example, will have more than $10 million in prize money up for grabs. It may not be too long before we see an eSports franchise take a spot on the list of most valuable sports teams.

      By analyzing this graphic, we can get a better understanding of how much the world’s most popular sports teams are worth, and how much of an impact they have on the global economy.

      Do you expect eSports to continue to increase in popularity, or do you think it’s just a fad? Are you surprised by any of the teams on this list? Let us know in the comment section.

      Data: Table 1.1

    • Mapping Out Mortgage Debt Across the U.S.
      19 August 2019

      Owning a home is a major life milestone for many Americans. In order to afford a home, most people will need to take out a mortgage and pay it off over time. Mortgage debt has hit a new peak since the 2008 financial crisis, rising to $9.406 trillion in Q2 2019. Interestingly, residents of some states incur significantly more mortgage debt than residents in other states. Our latest visualization takes a closer look at how housing debt varies by state, as measured by mortgage balance per capita.

      • According to the New York Fed, the average mortgage debt per capita in the U.S. is $33.680. 
      • In general, states in the Northeast and the West have the highest mortgage debt per capita.
      • States in the South and Midwest tend to have lower-than-average mortgage debt per capita.
      • Washington D.C. has a mortgage debt per capita worth four times more than the mortgage debt per capita of West Virginia.

      The data for this visualization comes from the New York Fed.  The mortgage information we used is from Q4 2018. In the map above, the size of each state is proportional to the amount of the mortgage debt per capita, with larger states representing higher mortgage balances. Similarly, states with higher mortgage balances per capita are shaded in dark orange or brown, and states with lower mortgage balances per capita are shaded in light orange.

      Top 10 States with the Highest Mortgage Debt Balance Per Capita

      1. District of Columbia - $63,430
      2. California - $55,920
      3. Hawaii - $54,980
      4. Colorado - $53,250
      5. Maryland - $51,590
      6. Washington - $49,320
      7. Virginia - $47,570
      8. Massachusetts - $47,140
      9. Utah - $43,310
      10. Connecticut - $41,980

      Despite rising mortgage debt, mortgage rates are close to historical lows. As a result, many homeowners are flocking to refinance their mortgages. Weekly mortgage refinances are skyrocketing, and retailers like Walmart are reaping the benefits of consumers spending the extra money in their pocket.

      Although mortgage rates are low, they can’t compete with this brand new Danish mortgage proposal, in which banks will offer an interest rate mortgage of -0.5% a year. Yes, that is a negative number! In essence, this means that homeowners will pay back a lower amount than they were loaned. The effect of this new proposal on the Danish real estate market still remains to be seen.

      If you are interested in purchasing a home or refinancing your mortgage, visit our cost guides for home loans or home refinancing. What do you think about recent changes in mortgage rates, or how mortgage debt varies by state? Please let us know in the comments section.

      Data: Table 1.1