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18 February 2020

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  • Adjournment: Coronavirus (11 Feb 2020)
    Mehreen Faruqi:...whom are Chinese Australians, in a mining camp and on Christmas Island without any kind of outcry. Despite the New South Wales government offering the Richmond RAAF base the federal government and Peter Dutton insisted on Christmas Island. This last fortnight, I have tried to imagine whether the government would have swiftly engaged the apparatus of our refugee torture regime had the...
  • Bills: Telecommunications Amendment (Repairing Assistance and Access) Bill 2019; Second Reading (10 Feb 2020)
    Kristina Keneally:...police, our agencies need these powers now and I would like to see them passed. In fact, I would insist on seeing them passed before the end of the next sitting fortnight. Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton went as far as to link the bill to the fatal Bourke Street knife attack. He even claimed that Labor opposed the legislation; that was a false claim. And so, under this political...
  • Motions: Ministerial Conduct (6 Feb 2020)
    Stirling relation to the Sydney Lord Mayor,   (ii) Senator Bridget McKenzie and the 'sports rorts' affair, and   (iii) suspected leaks of classified information from Minister Peter Dutton's office about the costs of medically evacuating refugees, where the confidential information was reportedly de-classified at a time the Australian Federal Police was still investigating the...