Staffing Levels Parliament 22

It seems the staff cuts have more of a political origin than any interest in the efficiency, effectiveness and efficacy of an informed parliament.

Not just for reviewing, amending, passing or rejecting legislation, but also for putting forward private members' bills.

This, of course, will not make it necessarily easier for govt.  Indeed, it may make it very difficult.

However, that is the nature of our Parliament, and in theory,  that is the Voice of the People.

Yes, the Albanese govt has a mandate to govern. And I am thankful for that.  However, they too have a chance now to show that integrity means fairness, honesty and acting in the belief that the benefit to the many outweighs the demands of the greedy few (thinking mining, gas & coal, fossil fuel donors).

And yes, I know Morrison manipulated the system for his own ends, however, this should now be a discussion about how an effective parliament can and should operate.

It seems the major Parties are both beholden to the vested interests of climate destroying miners and producers of fossil fuel. 

And that brings us the full circle:  The very clear mandate from the people - is to reduce our emissions (not just green wash them).

A fully resourced and informed Cross Bench of Community Independents who clearly stood for Better Climate Management would indeed be a force for the Albernese Government to deal with.

Effective utilisation of govt funding is not waste. Even if that means an increase in spending.

The somewhat niaive and mostly cynical approach here demonstrates an unfortunate, but probably well deserved cynicism of our elected representatives. 

However, past history aside, I believe in the new breed of Community Independents and their collective ability and intention to contribute to the improvement of their electorates and Australia as a society.

Yes, they have electoral staff, as they should, but how prey tell can that help them change things at a Federal level if they have no resource to fully research and evaluate the significant issues - whatever they are.

Use Parliament Library Staff

Having said all of that there must be appropriate resources available.

But what are those resources?

They do have the Parliamentary Library staff and other public service officers who are skilled, experienced and professional.  And that may indeed be enough.  However, instead of this childish ill-informed attack on newly elected representatives, maybe, just maybe an adult discussion should be had.

As for the point about "every piece of legislation being scrutinised minutely"  this slightly ignorant, patronising and somewhat childish comment doesn't address the issue at hand.  It is, in short, whataboutery.

The issue at hand is about providing Community Independents with sufficient resources to equip them with the tools of trade if you will that are appropriate for the job.

Roll Out the Pork Barrel

As for the J Lambie example provided, just seems like patronising what aboutery.  And, it's more about how federal funding is distributed and which on the performance of the previous govt. was one great big Pork Barrel.   Which, must be noted the Labor Opposition were powerless to change without a fair an unbiased media.

More Whataboutery

As for the example of those 3 big electorates, maybe they should have more staff. So be it. Just more whataboutery.

The nonsensical comment about Zali Steggall's electorate having double the representation? Ms. Steggall jumped the gun and employed a lot more staff than anyone else was asking for.  That, it seems to me, is her issue to deal with and shouldn't cloud the broader discussion.

The whole point of providing appropriate resources for Independents is so that every Australian has representation that is equal.

The major Parties have a huge resource funded by the Climate Destroying Fossil Fuel Industry and I think  Australians voted to remove their influence and create an enviornment that will support the survival of our children through the next millenia and beyond.

The People's Mandate

It is still unclear what is the right way to proceed, however, what is clear is that the Australian people voted for the Community Independents to have a real voice in this Parliament.

One Thing I Do Know

After 50 years working, inappropriate cost cutting does more to harm productivity than an inefficient but funded process.  The ideal of course, is identifying the appropriate level of resource to produce a high quality, affordable outcome that satisfies the people who are affected:  that should be the discussion.

So demerit points all round - now get to work and create a Parliament that will lift Australia into the next century as a peaceful, prosperous and happy society.

24 September 2023


24 September 2023

24 September 2023

24 September 2023

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24 September 2023

24 September 2023

24 September 2023